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     For nearly 29 years, I have been blessed with the freedom to pursue my craft and the subjects that inspire me.  I have logged thousands of miles across this country, and ventured into vast, desolate country; dusty branding pens; ranch rodeo arenas, and the traditional Mexican Charreada to get the images that I wanted to paint.  
     Then I have spent tens of thousands of hours in my studio bringing those images to life… and in each painting I have tried to tell a story with a sable brush and tinted water. Images of the American West were my first love, and they still represent the stories that I want to tell: cowboys, and cowgirls, and horses, all fighting for that last bit of freedom; ranch dogs and ranch horses who have none of the pedigree and all of the heart; and the solid friendships of the people I’ve come to know and respect.
     As the years advance, I now find that my interests have expanded to include commissions and portraits; both in watercolor and oil; still telling the stories of people and their lives; and sometimes turning an old family photo into a lasting legacy for future generations. But one thing never changes … I am committed to perfecting the skill God has given me, and I am grateful for every opportunity to portray the narrative of this interesting journey called Life. I hope you will enjoy the paintings that represent my journey.